The Edinburgh
(pronounced Edinburough, Scotish for Edinborough)

A Marshall-like vibe with Master Vol. and a Tweed edge

$1895.00 + $50 shipping anywhere in the USA

This is a adaptation incorporating the basic monster tone of the late '60s Marshalls with smooth overdrive additions, a master volume, and a touch of tweed tone at the turn of a dial. Based on 2 EL-34 power tubes like a 50 watt Marshall, and using 2 twelve inch Jensen Alnico P12N speakers with a tube rectifier, this amp comes clad in a replica of Eric Clapton's Bluesbreaker combo and it lives up to the image.  It too is built using only top-shelf components,  proven point-to-point wiring techniques, and assembled and tested individually by hand.

Tubes Have the Tone! (and will have forever!)

I'll see if I can come up with sound files sometime soon, but believe me, nothing you can download over the internet can begin to do this baby justice.