The Lethaon
(pronounced Leth'juan, Scotish for "Twin")

'59 Fender Tweed Twin crossed with a Vox AC-30

$1795.00 + $50 shipping anywhere in the USA

The King of vintage tone.  This is a re-creation one of the greatest guitar amps of all time -- The Fender™ 1959 Tweed Twin™--  with a decidedly English twist!  Sporting 4 EL-84 power tubes like a Vox AC-30, 2 twelve inch Jensen C12N speakers, and tube rectifier wrapped in a tweed package, this amp design brings a new vibrancy to an old familar sound.  The Tweed Twin is Eric Clapton's amp of choice, and Vox AC-30 was the backbone of the Beatles guitar sounds. This amp blends the two in a terrific combination of power, chime and finesse.  As always, it is built using only top-shelf components,  proven point-to-point wiring techniques, and assembled and tested individually by hand.

This produces an amplifier that will sound terrific right out of the box and for decades to come.

I'll see if I can come up with sound files sometime soon, but believe me, nothing you can download over the internet can begin to do this baby justice.